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By the age of 15 I was very overweight and close to being obese. This gave me the lacked confidence (also the bullying at school didn’t help) and would never show my body to anyone, even when I went on holiday with family. I weighed 15 and half stone and needed to change my life fast. It started with problems at school, which led to comfort eating, that just gradually got worse over the years. I would eat everthing and anything, so i took it upon myself to start a diet of healthy eating and started to exercise at home on a trampoline. Within 12 months i had gone from being HUGE to a leaner 10stone . From here I began to build up my body with the knowledge and drive to improve my physique that I have always dreamt and seen on fitness magazines (which happens to be that aesthetics well balanced body). I learnt most of my knowledge and skills from books,websites and many fitness/natural body builders that I look up to and inspire to be some day. The confidence and determination this new lifestyle has given me is what keeps me doing what I do!

I’m now a personal trainer and my life has change for good. I hope i can inspire other people out there to achieve their goals in life and help them to believe that anything is possible, with self discipline, sheer determination and hard work.


James is now based in London as a freelance PT – check out his website

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