• Here at Pritchards, we have years of experience in teaching children from ages 3 to 15.
  • Saturday mornings consist of Ballroom & Latin, Salsa, Street & Hip Hop.
  • Experienced & friendly teachers including Adrian Pritchard and Chloe Hewitt.
  • Technical routines taught in a relaxed environment
  • Parents can relax in the coffee bar area whilst the lessons are taking place (COVID restrictions currently in place)
  • Private, off the road, free car park on site.
  • We work towards a Dance show twice a year
  • We aim towards medal tests annually which are not compulsory

 Taking Dance to a competitive level…

  • Private tuition available
  • Dance routines choreographed to meet competition rules
  • Technical steps taught to a high standard
  • Masterclass available as an introduction to the competitive standard of dance