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Pilates: Fitness

The Pilates Method:

Aims to strengthen your core or “centre”, lengthen the spine, build muscle tone, and increase body awareness “posture”. Following six basic principles to achieve your goal:


The control of your muscles, positions and speed gives you results and keeps you safe. This applies to the routines and the transitions between movement “exercises”.


Learning how to breathe properly is crucial for healthy living and increased lung capacity. Controlled breathing is a core aspect of Pilates. Breathing correctly allows the correct pressure in the muscles and spinal chord, helps heart rhythm and blood pressure to enable you to complete your activity.


Balanced movement that flows smoothly integrates the nervous system, muscles and joints and trains the body to move in an even and dynamic fashion.


Precision combines control with spatial awareness of movement. The beginning and the end of each movement is paramount.


Once your centre “core” is activated, you can move dynamically through each movement with control and precision.


To stabilize an area, you must activate your core, to protect the spine then the body can move freely.

  • Improved flexibility
  • Greater strength and muscle tone
  • Increases the efficiency of the Respiratory, Lymphatic, Circulatory systems
  • A flatter stomach and a trimmer waist through the creation of natural girdle of strength
  • Better Posture
  • Toned buttocks and thighs and shoulder area
  • Less incidence of back pain
  • Greater joint mobility

The Pilates method can be incorporated into

Fitness Ball sessions

Reebok Step sessions

Rubber Band sessions

Gym sessions



 One to One Personal Tuition

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