Debi Pritchard


Profile : Debi Pritchard: over 40+


Debi and Adrian have two teenage boys, AJ and Curtis who both dance competitively.

During her last pregnancy, Debi suffered with back problems, and adopted Pilates, as a method of relaxation and fitness….because of this Debi made a full recovery and is now a dedicated follower of Pilates. Debi  is an asthmatic and firmly believes that exercise of any nature plays an important role of managing all types of  illness.

Debi teaches dance and fitness classes. The majority of her time is spent training with clients on a one-to-one basis in their studio.  Debi`s clients include teenagers to pensioners. She has worked with university students on their journey to become Fire fighters and Paramedics. Helped rugby players, golfers, sports persons, tennis players, cyclists and  marathon runners, either to overcome injuries or to be able to manage their injuries to continue to complete their personal goals.

All ages, all problems, pelvis and lower back pain, shoulders, knees, elbows with the knowledge of 15 years of working with people and making people believe that with the correct exercise, medical advice and nutrition most of the time you can turn your ailments around and be able to manage them and many times make them go away.

To compliment and enhance their vast knowledge base, Debi qualified in Swedish and Sports Massage, which has proved to be an invaluable part of helping their clients.